About me


This is...

Bill Ferngren

Currently, most of my bills are paid by other activities. 
Hopefully soon I will balance that with my photography. 

Got a self-employed company called Still Bill Production

I am a Swedish based landscape photographer. With a mantra "never stop exploring". I like challenges and look for things that we usually pass unnoticed, trying to convey the beauty of nature in my photography.

I usually say that I never learned to paint so my camera becomes my brush, my imagery becomes an extension of feelings, experiences and thoughts that I may have a hard time expressing in words. My pictures become my voice.

I´ve been photographing on and forth since 1999. But my interest escalated since I was asked to shoot product images for a bag company a few years ago. From that I redescovered my love for the nature. The pictures I´m presenting on this site is from 2016 onwards.